Foretuit Selected Top Finalist in AppQuest Challenge


Great news!  We’ve done what many thought impossible.

A small bootstrapped startup, only a glimmer of an idea less than a year ago, is one step closer to the stage at Dreamforce,’s premier event, and becoming the industry’s newest Cloud Idol.

Every Vote Counts!

You can send us to Dreamforce and present to 40,000 people!  Four of the eight remaining companies move on to the finals at month’s end based on popular vote via Facebook “likes.”

How to Vote (Ends August 12 @ 2pm PT)

We’ve made the voting real simple (much simpler than Round 1) and automated the process for you.  When Facebook asks if it is OK for Foretuit to access your account, please confirm – yes.  We’ll take care of the rest.

And, for a little bit of fun, pick from one of the four choices below, and then click on the “vote here” link:

  • If you think the “Germans bombed Pearl Harbor,” vote here.
  • If you love hugs and puppies, vote here.
  • If you like seeing a grown man cry, vote here.
  • None-of-the-above, I just need to get back to work: vote here.

And if your travel plans include a trip to Dreamforce at the end of August, let us know via e-mail ( or twitter.  We’d like to discuss your sales org needs over coffee, or perhaps a cocktail, and celebrate our becoming — the next Cloud Idol!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to support us.


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