Foretuit and The Future of Sales Analytics

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Our friend Michael Liebow spent a few minutes at 10MinuteStrategy HQ this week to talk about Foretuit, a platform that uses real world data derived from e-mail and social activity to give a much deeper and insightful view into what is really going on in the sales pipeline. I call it the future of sales analytics, or when I’m trying to say it fast — super sandbag detection. But it’s much more than that.

Youtube: Foretuit and The Future of Sales Analytics

Michael’s background with IBM and in the VC world gives him great perspective on the needs of the financing world when it comes to the start-ups they fund. He also knows the needs of the enterprise at a level that few can top. Foretuit is his baby, he’s the CEO and Founder, and I’m convinced that this is going to become a major change agent in the way smart companies manage their sales force.

And according to this blog post, Foretuit are enjoying a robust relationship with Salesforce.


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