Control Your Pipeline

Foretuit visualizes your pipeline so you can quickly see where to focus.

Foretuit’s predictive engine automatically finds and highlights the opportunities that are at risk based – so you never miss a beat.

Based on these predictions, Foretuit automatically adjusts your forecast so you can see whether you will make your quarter or not.

Because Foretuit’s predictive engine uses actual activity – such as emails, tasks, meetings, and chatter - to make it’s predictions (not manually entered data from your CRM that’s typically out of data or inaccurate) it’s always accurate and always up-to-date.

Control Your Opportunities

Foretuit finds and shows all activities related to your opportunity – emails, tasks, meetings, chatter, etc. – in one simple view. It’s like the DNA of your sales deal.

Foretuit makes it easy to find who’s doing what, and what’s left to do to close your deal.  You can even zoom into individual threads of activity to see how people are responding to each other.

Need to make sure that you’ve had a recent touchpoint with all of the key stakeholders?  Foretuit has a view for that too.

Control Your Deals

Foretuit lets you map out who is interacting with who the most, who’s most responsive to whom, and who responds in the most timely fashion to others.  This lets you figure out who’s providing you the most help and who’s acting as a blocker – both within your organization and within the prospect’s.

Need a response quickly from someone?  Foretuit can show you who is most likely to get the quickest response – so you can route your question through the person who will most likely get you an answer fast.

Control Your Influence

Foretuit helps you find the best way to reach key influencers in your account by mapping out the informal social network of the prospect.

Need to find a way to spread a message within your account?  Foretuit lets you see which individuals are most likely to help get the word out, so you can focus on using them to deliver your message.


“Foretuit allows you to control your pipeline, your opportunities, your influence and your deals”

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Publisher, Selling Power

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