Foretuit Launches New Social Sales Analytic iPad App on’s AppExchange for Mobile

Foretuit taps into the social, mobile and open capabilities of cloud computing to bring its intelligent, predictive approach for sales forces in social enterprises

NEW YORK – CLOUDFORCE NEW YORK – Nov. 30, 2011 – Foretuit today announced it has launched its new Social Sales Analytic mobile application for iPad and Android tablets on’s AppExchange for Mobile, extending the goals of the social enterprise. The Foretuit solution provides a real-time snapshot of sales activities based on actual behavior, greatly improving sales efficiency and effectiveness by an order of magnitude unseen in today’s CRM offerings. The Foretuit application is now available on the AppExchange for Mobile.

By combining real world activity, such as emails, tasks, appointments as well as Chatter and other social feeds together with CRM information (such as opportunity history) a company can use Foretuit to identify patterns within unstructured activities– separating the proverbial wheat from the chaff within the sales pipeline.  Through the use of advanced analytics applied to a real-time snapshot of actual behavior (versus CRM data) companies can greatly improve both sales efficiency and effectiveness by an order of magnitude unseen in today’s sales management solutions.

Foretuit maps social interactions to determine patterns that provide predictive outcomes for any front office scenario, particularly sales. The service analyzes the collaborative structures within the enterprise using unstructured data gathered from employee and buyer digital behavior – such as email and calendar data – then identifies patterns based on their roles, frequency of communication and output,” said Michael Liebow, Founder and CEO of Foretuit.  “The result is better deal lifecycle management, and improved business outcomes for enterprises at a lower cost. Now, the powerful cloud-based application is available on mobile platforms, tapping into the power of the platform,’s social enterprise platform for employee social apps.”

The Foretuit solution is unique in how it captures statistical details and continually refines and expands its models, ’learning’ behaviors within a first-of-its-kind, proprietary structure.  Since most sales teams are essentially mobile, the application provides the social, open, mobile and trusted capabilities of the AppExchange marketplace.  Foretuit helps keep Sales teams updated on activities without entering information, while it gives Management more transparency and visibility into sales processes without relying on a weekly interrogation or subjective reporting.

“Customers are continuing to look to our partners as they reinvent themselves as social enterprises and companies like Foretuit are helping them in that shift,” said Ron Huddleston, vice president, ISV Alliances, “Foretuit, a top 8 finalist in our recent AppQuest challenge, shows it can integrate industry leading technologies like HTML5 with our platform to provide Salesforce customers with enhanced capabilities to drive real business outcomes.”

Foretuit’s new iPad application is available on the Foretuit website and now’s Mobile Appexchange.  A video demonstration of the service is available here: Foretuit demo.

Cloudforce New York Welcomes Attendees to the Social Enterprise

The number of social networking users has surpassed e-mail users. People access the Internet more from mobile devices than from desktops. is helping companies meet the challenge of this social revolution with the social enterprise. Today, companies must change the way they collaborate, communicate and share information with customers and employees to stay competitive. By leveraging’s social, mobile and open cloud technologies, companies can transform themselves into social enterprises by developing social profiles of customers, creating employee social networks and building customer and product social networks. Cloudforce New York attendees will be able to learn firsthand how to join this transformation.

About Foretuit

Foretuit takes an intelligent, predictive approach to business-to-business sales by determining patterns based on employees’ business behavior and analyzing that information in order to increase communication between colleagues, more closely link management to sales teams and to close deals faster and more efficiently.  Foretuit’s initial SaaS solution is available through the company’s website: and on the AppExchange

About the Platform and AppExchange is the trusted social enterprise platform for building and running any employee app in the cloud. powers the Salesforce CRM apps, the more than 200,000 custom apps used by customers such as Japan Post, Kaiser Permanente, KONE, and Sprint Nextel and the more than 1,200 ISV apps built by partners such as BMC, and Fujitsu.

Enterprise apps built on the platform can be easily distributed and marketed through the AppExchange

The social enterprise platform delivers the most trusted and comprehensive cloud technologies for social, mobile and open apps.  It includes, the cloud platform for employee apps, Heroku, the cloud platform for customer apps and, the cloud database to integrate the social enterprise.

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