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Foretuit and The Future of Sales Analytics

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Repost from 10 Minute Strategy – Video insights and interviews for online & offline business strategy from Peter Propp and John Blossom of Shore Communications Inc. Visit for more great insights & services. Our friend Michael Liebow spent a few minutes … Continue reading

Dreamforce: Our Generation’s Summer of Love?

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Note: Repost from Selling Power. Back to the future.  Was Dreamforce a corporate event, or a counter-cultural San Franciscan summer of love replete with shouts for an “Enterprise Uprising” (aka Arab Spring)?  Hard not to get caught up in the fervor. Now … Continue reading

Enabling Social Enterprise X-Ray Vision

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  Growing up, I was surrounded by women who were deeply enthralled by the soaps, particularly General Hospital and the whole saga of Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura (Genie Francis).  Luckily, I was left in blissful peace reading my comic … Continue reading

Big Data + Analytics = new possibilities to predict sales outcomes

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Sales is highly based on human interactions and relationships rendering analysis and automation to be considered impossible. Now new behavioral analytic techniques are possible given the growth of both data and computing power.  Such analytics have the potential to streamline any unstructured business … Continue reading

How Does Foretuit, Do It?

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Been innundated these past few days with questions about how Foretuit does what it does. Great question.  But without giving away the farm, let me explain the essence of our approach. When people connect in a social sense, they are … Continue reading

What’s good for reps is good for managers


Sales organizations keep bringing in more and more sales tools but sales productivity is actually flat to declining according to recent studies. What’s going on? The answer is actually pretty simple: Sales tools are selected by management for managers – … Continue reading