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Why We Like Being a Salesforce ISV

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Cloudforce NYC was held Wednesday and it was a thrill to participate with the other 10,000 or so at the Javits Center.  Someone asked me what’s it like to be a new Salesforce ISV partner?  My answer: really great so … Continue reading

To Improve Sales Performance, Fail Faster

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Losing deals stay in a sales pipe more than twice as long as winning deals. To be a winner, start by failing faster. [Editor's Note: Repost from Selling Power Magazine.] Want to win? Then make it your mission to lose … Continue reading

Bringing Foretuit to

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As you may know – beyond Foretuit’s keen ability to predict whether opportunities will be won, lost, or slip – one of the things people really like about it is the rich interactive visualizations, like Foretuit’s Visual Pipeline view. So, … Continue reading

How Does Foretuit, Do It?

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Been innundated these past few days with questions about how Foretuit does what it does. Great question.  But without giving away the farm, let me explain the essence of our approach. When people connect in a social sense, they are … Continue reading