An Intelligent, Predictive Approach to Sales

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Foretuit is the leader in predictive sales pipeline management.  Foretuit accurately predicts which deals will be won and which will be lost up to a quarter in advance, and notifies you if deals may slip.  This allows sales reps and sales managers to focus on the deals that matter.

Foretuit automatically gets the data it needs, so it’s always accurate and up-to-date – No manual data entry or chasing people to enter information into your systems.


  • Foretuit analyzes your rep’s past successes and compares these to their pipeline to predict which opportunities are on track and which are at risk.
  • Only Foretuit let’s you see the complete picture, so your reps can uncover hidden risks, discover what they’ve overlooked, and find the best ways to influence key players to win the deal.
  • Foretuit automatically gathers the data it needs, so it’s always accurate and up-to-date… without chasing after reps to update data.

What Makes Foretuit Different?

Other tools used to manage your pipeline, such as pipeline management or BI tools, rely solely on the data within your CRM.  Unfortunately, as any sales manager knows, the data in CRM is often out-of-date, incomplete, or inaccurate.  As a result, with other tools it’s garbage-in garbage-out.

Unlike other tools, Foretuit uses real world activity, such as emails, tasks, appointments as well as Chatter and other social feeds to make it’s predictions.  This means Foretuit is always accurate and always up-to-date, with no manual data entry to go wrong.

Foretuit mines this rich history of information to build up patterns that are unique to each rep of what activity historically led to won, lost, slipped, and on-time deals.  Foretuit then matches these patterns with deals in the pipeline to create it’s predictions.

Foretuit is for Reps

Many sales tools are focused solely on the needs of sales managers and, as a result, put extra burden on the sales reps without any net benefit for them.  Foretuit is different: Foretuit provides you, as an individual rep, with the tools you need to understand where the issues are in your pipeline, triage the deals that are at-risk, and understand the best ways to influence the stake holders involved in your deals.  With Foretuit, you get complete visibility into your deals so that you’ll never misstep.

Foretuit is Free

Foretuit is free for individual reps, and requires no IT involvement.

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